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On the Journey and The Adventures of Space and Hobo

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Book Reviews from Books by Kenneth L. Birks
The Journey: Discovering The Invisible Path

Book: The Journey by Kenneth L. BirksReviews

The Journey is your GPS for the Bible. The problem is solved. The riddle is deciphered. Like a trusted guide, Ken makes complex concepts simple and masterfully unpacks the Bible’s greatest mysteries. He provides a sure foundation upon which to build a lifetime of insight.—Francis Anfuso

I have just read a book entitled "The Journey" written by Kenneth L. Birks. I have known my friend, Ken Birks, for 38 years. He is a man of absolute integrtity. He is a diligent student of the Bible. He is a Holy Spirit filled teacher. This book contains many total scriptures plus many scriptures referred to and are identified at the bottom of the pages. In short, this book is based on the Bible. I believe that Ken is also an example of what he has written in this book. I recommend this book to individuals, to small group leaders, to pastors, to churches, to Bible schools, and to seminaries. "The Journey" will help make disciples out of believers. —Richard C. Benjamin Sr., Pastor/retired

I have always believed that the life God lays out for us is a journey—a path to follow and an adventure where Jesus is in the lead. This book shows that Invisible Journey and how it opens up before us..—Eileen Coia

An excellent description of the Christian journey as well as a description of his particular journey. —Mary London

The Journey by author and Pastor Ken Birks is certainly an inspired guide to "discovering the invisible path." This book is a practical writing that sheds light on the Christian path from the experience of someone (Ken) who is walking The Journey he has written about. It is a constructive scriptural explanation for every day Christian guidance in an easily understandable format and could also serve as a source for Bible study groups in that it includes the bible study questions already. Easy to read, well organized and most of all, filled with the timeless truth of scripture to keep climbing the heavenly path! Steve-JG

A Good book, a wealth of thoughtful teaching.—Darryl Trimble

The Adventures of Space and Hobo

Book: The Adventues of Space and Hobo by Ken BirksReviews

The Adventures of Space and Hobo tells the story of Ken’s vagabond life after Vietnam. It explores the on-the-ground confusion and chaos of the Vietnam War and its effects on a generation. Named Space by a new friend, Hobo, Ken and his traveling companion hit the road to partake of all the possibilities of that generation in search of adventure and uncharted experiences.They were looking for what was real, authentic, and the invisible mysteries behind it all. The story takes us step by step along the path of an awakening of a lost soul, on his way to finding understanding.John Houghton

What a fascinating read! Ken writes in such a way that you are with him at every turn of this amazing journey. Had Ken never met the One who redeems our past, his journey would have ended in tragedy and nothingness, and would hold no interest for the reader. But because Ken writes from the perspective of the redeemed, this journey is rich with God's fingerprints at every step of the way. And at a deeper level, while the particulars are Ken's unique story, the journey he describes is one that each of us either has, or must, travel. —Bob Guild

A trip down memory lane for me as I reflect on those long ago years of my youth. I marvel as I remember my own miraculous conversion. In his autobiography Ken clearly shows God's relentless love and grace that would not let him go.—grammieofnine

Ken Birks writes the adventure in a way that starts by leaving no rolling stone unturned and leads to the capstone. —Jamie Gerard

It is very enlightening to read how God brought him through that culture in spite of all that he did and led him to a point where he could completely trust in God and live a life of service to Him. —Mary London

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