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Treasures of the Heart
Prose and Poetry Refreshing the Soul

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Biblical Devotional Poetry

Treasures of the Heart - Prose and Poetry Refreshing the Soul  by Kenneth L. Birks
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Treasures of the Heart - Prose and Poetry Refreshing the Soul

Devotional Poetry at its Best

As you read through the devotional prose and poetry found in this book, you will find a beautiful blend of timeless truths fitly applied to today's culture and challenges that fill your heart with treasures from above. The Heavenly insights will challenge you to grow in the knowledge of the Son of God, enabling you to excel in all that God is calling you to be and do.

Each devotional poem stands on its own, but together, they will propel you into a rewarding journey of experiencing the treasures God desires to fill your heart with as you journey through this life. This book's prose and poetry writings are intended to call you away from all that distracts so that your heart can be set on what brings delight to your soul and our Heavenly Father above.

The majestic flow from one poem to the next contains powerful prophetic wisdom and revelation that will fill your hearts and minds with the wonderful treasures God intends you to enjoy. The prose and poetry written here are very Davidic and musical in nature, flowing like delightful streams of thought with heavenly impartations as you receive encouragement to fulfill all our Heavenly Father has commissioned you to be and do.

May God bless you richly as you meditate on the Word of God that has been interpreted into Holy impartations of encouragement and blessings through prose and poetry

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Table of Contents

Peculiar Treasures
Heart Treasures Unlocked
Holy Spirit Rejuvenation
Manifesting Christ's Presence
Cultivating Your Heart
Filled with Joyful Treasures
Kairos Moments of the Heart
Empowered by His Presence
Looking Out My Window
The Goodness of God
Triumphant Living
Path of the Righteous
Treasure of Knowing God
Captivated by His Love
The Heart's Portals
Bloom Where You're Planted
Unfathomable Riches of God
From Despondency to Hope
Love Comes to All
Fruit of the Spirit Treasured
Unfailing Love of the Father
Treasures of Love and Mercy
Holy Spirit, Our Helper

Strength and Courage
Treasured Stones Found
Delighting in His Presence
From Heaven Above
Waiting on the Lord
Hearts Aflame
Intimately Acquainted
Pressing on in Faith
Sowing and Reaping
Shifting Paradigms
Voice of the Sentry
Avoiding Foolish Chatter
In You Alone
Voice Crying in the Wind
Breaking Free to Run
Standing Firm
Looking to God in All
Light amid Darkness
Breaking Through
Kingdom Powered Life
Faith Erupts
As the Wheel Turns
Homeward Bound

The Father's Peculiar Treasures

Chosen by God as peculiar treasures, in Him, we delight.
Distributing gifts to all, He pours into our vessels to ignite.
Given for the profit of all, His body, He desires to glorify.
Given to aid in ministry, we press to receive His best.
As flames of fire burning with passion, we press to bless.

With the fields of harvest before us, His gifts, we attest.
The Word of knowledge at the well, He reaped a harvest.
As prophecies reveal the state of hearts, faith challenges.
With gifts of healing and miracles, crowds gather to hear.
With discerning spirits, demonic strongholds disappear.

Knitted and framed together as lively stones, He builds.
As each stone discovers its gift, He places strategically.
Freely given to expression, we press on, building accordingly.
As each stone freely explores, His glory overshadows.
Bathed in glory, multitudes repent, changing dramatically.

A greater harvest to reap, fully developed, we make ready.
As one body, fully equipped in all gifts, we rise in formation.
Throughout the earth, we go to every tribe and nation.
Fully armed with spiritual weapons, Satan stands aghast.
As Jesus puts the sickle to the harvest, the earth is harvested.

In whom the whole building, being fitted together, grows into a holy temple in the Lord, in whom you also are being built together for a dwelling place in the Spirit.

Ephesians 2:21-22

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