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The Journey
Discovering the Invisible Path

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Prophetic Purposes and the Zeal of the Lord, by Kenneth L. Birks
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The Journey - Discovering the Invisible Path

The Journey by Kenneth L BirksKLOVE personality, Pastor Francis Anfuso writes in the Foreword, "I believe "The Journey" by Ken Birks is your GPS for the Bible. The problem is solved. The riddle is deciphered. Like a trusted guide, Ken makes complex concepts simple and masterfully unpacks the Bible's greatest mysteries. He provides a sure foundation upon which to build a lifetime of insight.

If I were building a house, I'd hire a master builder. If I didn't understand the Bible and wanted a solid foundation for my Christian life, I'd study this book, "The Journey," and let a master teacher like Ken Birks guide me down the path of life.

Eileen Coia writes,"God has blessed Ken with an ability to teach from His Word in a way that is strong and gives us something to hold onto that puts the power in God's hand. With ease, Ken takes the reader on that journey, sharing his life in transparency and humility while giving God all the glory. He encourages us to partner with God to work out our salvation in awe of who He is.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1    Exploring the Beauty and Majesty of God

Chapter 2    A New Beginning - The Journey Begins

Chapter 3    Path Less Traveled - Repentance and Conversion

Chapter 4    Getting an Identity Makeover

Chapter 5    Navigation Tools - Word and Spirit

Chapter 6    Seven Essentials for the Journey

Chapter 7     Into the Wilderness - Finding Purpose in Trials

Chapter 8     Breaking Free From Your Past

Chapter 9     Immersed Into the Body of Christ

Chapter 10  Spiritual Gifts and the Body of Christ

Chapter 11   Discipleship and Ministry

Chapter 12   The Need for Guardrails

Chapter 13   Destiny and Purpose - Your Future

Chapter 14   Staying the Course

Chapter 15   New Jerusalem Awaits Our Arrival


Excerpt from the Introduction

We live in a world that was created in the beauty and wonder of what was originally intended to give us glimpses into the eternal treasures God has stored up for all those who have come to believe in His Son, Jesus Christ.

Just as each of us has been born of a natural birth that brought us into this world, there is a spiritual birth God desires for us, a birth that is designed to bring us into the unseen beauty and wonder of the eternal realm where God resides --- the kingdom of heaven.

The Christian life is a journey into this invisble kingdom realm that has the potential of either being the most exciting and adventurous journey you will ever experience or the most boring and miserable experience. Unfortunately, many have defaulted to the latter--not because they wanted or desired to, but they lacked the faith and vision to enter into a path that is invisible to their natural eyes. Hopefully you will be one of those says, "Yes, to this exciting journey. I encourage you to read this book and find out for yourself the greatest adventure that awaits you.