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40 Day Devotional Book - Treasures from Above

Treasures From Above
Eternal Perspectives - A 40 Day Devotional

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Includes Biblical Devotional Poetry

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Treasures From Above - Eternal Perspectives - 40 Day Devotional by Kenneth L. Birks
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Treasures From Above - Eternal Perspectives - A 40 Day Devotional
Prophetic Purposes & the Zeal of the Lord

The devotionals in this book are designed to enhance your relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ in all aspects of your walk. They’re meant to draw you into a deeper understanding of how the Holy Spirit and the Word of God work together to conform you into the image of Christ. As you look at the “Table of Contents,” you will notice the book encompasses a wide range of subjects spanning most aspects of our walk with the Lord. The aspect that separates this book from other devotionals is that each devotional ends with a biblically inspired poem that encapsulates the essence of the devotional.

Dr. Jay Zinn, Author, Pastor, Discipleship Maker, writes, “There are few authors who can take theology and turn it into a devotional series of divine, inspiring nuggets and poetry. Ken Birks is such an author who penetrates your heart and soul to want to know God better. I highly recommend his 40 Day Devotional book—Treasures From Above.”

Nicole Larsen, Poet, writes, “I’ve never met anyone with the holistic view of scripture that Ken has. As an avid devotional reader, I have never read one that ties scripture and poetry into daily readings to make something truly beautiful.

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Table of Contents

Treasures From Above
The Father’s Way
Waiting on the Lord
In Sync with God’s Purposes
Basking in the Father’s Love
Communicating our Faith
Clearing the Clutter of the Past
Shifting Shadows of Time
Dining at the Father’s Table
Committed Hearts
The Goodness of God
Majesty of Knowing God
Authority From on High
Embracing Sanctification
The Peace of God
Journey into the Invisible
The Wonders of His Grace
Making the Most of Life
Kingdom Living
The Snares of the Enemy

Abiding in His Presence
Destiny and Purpose
Sowing Seeds of Faith
Renewing our Minds
Fragrance of the Lord
Truth and Error
Flames of Fire
The Potter’s Wheel
God’s Playbook
Great Lovers of God
Come Holy Spirit
Stop and Listen
Our Eternal Home
The Suffering Messiah
Standing Firm
Staring Into the Future
Grace Unlimited
Changing Perspectives
The Fear of God
In You Alone I Trust

Excerpt from the Foreword

Ken was my pastor for several years before God called him into other aspects of ministry, not the least of which is being a Christian author. During his tenure as Senior Pastor of Golden Valley Christian Center, Ken ensured that his congregation was filled with God’s Word. Week after week he demonstrated an in-depth knowledge of God’s Word that few will ever attain. I suspect that it is this knowledge that enables words to flow so freely from his pen.

Clearly a teacher as much as a pastor, Ken illuminated God’s Word through logical and contextual interpretations – a very left-sided aspect of one’s brain. Over the years, Ken began to demonstrate that he could not only logically interpret scriptures, but that he possessed a unique gift of poetry that could bring out the beauty in them as well. Rare indeed is the man who can so astutely master and utilize both the logical and the creative sides of his brain for the benefit of those he serves. In this new devotional, Ken has transcended from being a good writer to an exceptional one.

When thinking about reading a devotional one has to ask themselves two questions – is it relevant and what is it that that makes it stand apart from the myriad of devotionals one can choose from? Scripture is far more important than the words of even the most famous of authors for it is scripture that penetrates our souls with God’s wisdom and daily guidance. Ken’s work herein ensures that God’s Word takes center stage and holds the most important place within it so that it remains both timeless and relevant. It is the incredible poetry, however, that separates this book and makes it stand apart from the others. Poetry can shine a light on God’s Word from a different angle, in a way that helps us to look at it in a much deeper and often more profound way. It provides us with a unique ability to understand and appreciate God’s Word in ways we may never have thought of before. We are suddenly confronted with beauty and clarity to our perceptions of our world and God’s Kingdom.


Ben Franklin once said You should either write something worth reading or do something worth writing. While one could say Ken has done both in his ministry, I can without hesitation say that he has definitely written something here worth reading. So I invite you to enter into “Treasures from Above” – let Ken’s ability to paint with words reveal the treasures of the Word of God to you in colors you may never have perceived before.

         -- By Doug Hartline


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