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Ken Birks, Bible Teacher/Author

About the Author

Ken Birks is an ordained Pastor/Teacher in the Body of Christ and is a pastor and elder at The Rock of Roseville in Roseville, California where he also functions as a Bible teacher.  Ken has been a part of  The Rock of Roseville  since its inception in 1997.  Prior to coming to The Rock of Roseville, Ken was the Senior Pastor of Golden Valley Christian Center, a non-denominational, Spirit-filled church, for twelve years.

Ken’s primary gift is in the area of teaching.  He teaches the word of God with passion and balance with a prophetic slant.  He has an intense desire to impart a genuine love and appreciation for God’s Word. 

Ken is now semi-retired and does wedding officiating on the side; and has recently begun writing. This is his first book and is now working on a second book that is more theoligical in nature that focuses on the practicalities of what it means to be a Christian and how we discover the fullness of all that God intended for us.

Ken also has an internet ministry of “Sowing Seeds of Faith” located at kenbirks.com. His website reaches over 1750 unique visitors a day with Bible studies, sermon outlines, audio sermons and podcasts that is a resource to pastors which also helps to equip saints for the work of the ministry.

Ken has been married to his wife, Lydia for 34 plus years and have two adult children, and three grandchildren, and consider them their highest calling, along with the many teens and children whom they have been foster or surrogate parents to over the past 25 years.

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