Helicopers Used in Vietnam War
Helicopters used in Vietnam War
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Helicopters Used in the
Vietnam War

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Chinook CH-47 Helicopters
Chinook Ch-47
Huey UH-1 Helicopter
Huey H1
AH-1 Cobra Helicopter
AH1 Cobra

Exerpt from the Book, "The Adventures of Space and Hobo

During my time in Vietnam I was stationed at Phu-Loi which was basically a heliport where many of the Chinooks, Hueys, and—of course—the deadly Cobras flew out for their many missions. It was always interesting towards the end of the day when they’d come back from their missions. If they had made a confirmed kill that day, they would have red smoke coming out of their copter to brag about their kill. Many of the companies on our base were fighter units which our company supported by keeping the helicopters in the air. Our company slogan was “Keep ‘Em Flying.”