539th Transportation Company - Phu Loi, South Vietnam

539th Transportation Company, Phu Loi, Vietnam




Places & Situations Mentioned in the Book

hanging out
Our Barracks
Our Company Area
Hanging Out
Log with Bunker & Urinal
Sundeck Above Bunker
Guard Tower
Me With My Truck
Mamasans Washing Clothes
Vietnamese Mamasan
MP's Trying to Breakup Festival
Getting Busted in Siagon
Roadside Stand

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Me in My Truck
Pond Fun
The Boneyard
Jack at the Pond
Hiding Spot in the Wall
Hanging Out
Our Hootch
Me with John
Flightline in Background
Me With Ed
Our Festival
Festival with Smoke Grenade
Enjoying the Music
MP's Trying to Break it Up