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The Adventures of Space & Hobo
By Ken L. Birks

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The Adventures of Space and Hobo tells the story of Ken’s vagabond life after Vietnam. It explores the on-the-ground confusion and chaos of the Vietnam War and its effects on a generation, and those who served. Named Space by a new friend, Hobo, Ken and his traveling companion hit the road to partake of all the possibilities of that generation in search of adventure and uncharted experiences. They did this by allowing fate to be their guide while navigating through the spiritual maze of the 1970s as they traveled by freight trains and hitchhiked through our nation’s cities. By using their wits and street knowledge they were able to take advantage of the opportunities that came their way. As a couple of hippies travelling through our nation’s cities as vagabonds or rolling stones they were looking for the next free ride to nowhere in particular while mooching off of whatever resources or people who happened to come their way. Ken writes in such a way that you are with him at every turn of this amazing journey. Because Ken writes from the perspective of the redeemed, this journey is rich with God's fingerprints at every step of the way. And at a deeper level, while the particulars are Ken's unique story, the journey he describes is one that each of us either has, or must, travel.

Chapter Titles

  1. A Lost and Wandering Soul
  2. Coming Home from Vietnam
  3. Readjusting to Civilian Life
  4. East Coast Hitchhiking Adventure
  5. Jack and the Minnesota Group
  6. Meeting Hobo
  7. Texas: Surprise, Surprise
  8. New Orleans and Destinations Unknown
  9. Gulf Coast Hitchhiking Adventures
  10. Florida Gulf Coast Adventures
  11. Christmas in Jail
  12. Florida East Coast Adventures
  13. Jesus Freaks
  14. Leaving Florida
  15. Houston and onto Los Angeles
  16. Discovering More of Arizona
  17. Mardi Gras, Here we Come
  18. Heading North
  19. Madison, Wisconsin
  20. Homeward Bound
  21. Discovering Canada
  22. Going Home – So Long, Hobo
  23. Home – But Still Lost
  24. Conversion at Last
  25. Alaska: Established in the Journey
  26. Sent Out and Launched into Ministry

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