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What Others are Saying about The Adventures of Space and Hobo

What a fascinating read! Ken writes in such a way that you are with him at every turn of this amazing journey. Like many who have come to know Ken in the last 20 years, I read this with great anticipation and eagerness. I wondered what manner of journey could yield a man of such depth and conviction. As I began the book, my first response was: How different is the Ken I know from the young man in the pages of this book. But the more I read, the more I realized how the man Ken is today grew out of the seed of the young man in this book. Had Ken never met the One who redeems our past, his journey would have ended in tragedy and nothingness, and would hold no interest for the reader. But because Ken writes from the perspective of the redeemed, this journey is rich with God's fingerprints at every step of the way. And at a deeper level, while the particulars are Ken's unique story, the journey he describes is one that each of us either has, or must, travel.

-- Bob Guild, Former Navy Pilot

The Adventures of Space and Hobo tell the story of Ken’s vagabond life after Vietnam. It explores the on-the-ground confusion and chaos of the Vietnam War and its effects on a generation, and those who served. Named Space by a new friend, Hobo, Ken and his traveling companion hit the road to partake of all the possibilities of that generation in search of adventure and uncharted experiences. They were looking for what was real, authentic, and the invisible mysteries behind it all. The story takes us step by step along the path of an awakening of a lost soul, on his way to finding understanding of himself, his path, and the meaning of his life.

-- John Houghton, Business Consultant/Life Coach

"Have you ever thought all preachers are "goody two shoes" or can't relate to real world problems? Have you ever thought, "Oh it's easy for him, he's a preacher." Read this book and you will discover the grace and patience of God for a sinner just like you. Everyone has a journey toward God and we don't always take the straight path or do the right thing along the way. This book will encourage you in recognizing God's work in you WHILE you are still a sinner, and his Grace and kindness that leads you to repentance. You don't have to be a certain kind of person. In fact, God often chooses people that "religious folks" might not choose. After reading this book you may find out you are one of those people. It really is "Amazing Grace."

-- David Canipe, Friend and Musician

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